Serious medical conditions are often considered MEDICAL concerns with SOCIAL aspects.

In fact,

Serious medical conditions are SOCIAL concerns with MEDICAL aspects.

Caring for emotional health when you experience a serious medical condition, whether as the one with the condition or the one caring for him or her, has multiple and complex facets. You have to take care of yourself, but you also have to take care of all sorts of details for life adjustments that you are unfamiliar with.

The good news is that many people not only survive this difficult transition, they thrive.

You can thrive too.

In this class devoted to your emotional health, the first thing we’ll cover is how you’re going to “self-manage” during this transition. How will you function with so many conflicting thoughts at once? How will you set your priorities and decide what to do next?

Next we’ll talk about how to deal with all different kinds of people around us. What do we tell them? How do we ask for help and receive the help we need?

Finally, we’ll share our tips and experiences with the outside world: health care professionals, hospitals and other care facilities, workplaces, the Social Security Administration, etc.

Through it all, you’ll be held safe and supported. You’ll be working through your own challenges using the materials provided and accompanied by your classmates and your instructor.

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