Julia Pantoga Soriano, M. Div. and M.A.T.

Julia is a caring, candid, and courageous guide for individuals and families who have encountered serious medical conditions. She writes, speaks and trains for individuals and organizations seeking to improve lives.

When diagnosed with Ataxia (a neurological disease affecting movement and speech), she was a licensed high school math teacher specializing in “at-risk” students. Her experience with this hurting population provided insight into complex professional, relational, and spiritual issues. She mastered the art of reaching and teaching in a loving, effective, and entertaining fashion. In addition to teaching full-time, she was in graduate school, serving on a non-profit board, working on several church committees, and she had a teenage son at home.

With up to five medical appointments a week added to her plate, she stumbled along as best she could. Relying on her passionate enthusiasm for to-do lists and years of business experience, she developed systems for completing the myriad tasks that suddenly became urgent.

Sometimes lucky; sometimes looking back and wishing she’d done things differently; she wished she had a guide. In her book and classes, Julia shares her systems and her story with an uplifting positive attitude.

I believe everyone, including you, can find ways to make his or her life work better. I believe every person, including you, has a lot more choices than he or she is aware exist. Your SMC may be forcing the issue, but we all should be doing the things described in this book every day.

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